You have reached a personal page dedicated to Atahuapa Yupanqui (Argentina) and Cristóbal Cáceres (Paraguay), 2 artists my wife and I (Patrick) have had the honour to meet in Paris, France. From the home page, each pic will bring you to a page or group of pages detailing the records lists by label, the CDs, books, movies ...etc. Anyway, I will summarize below the main steps in terms od discography. Do not hesitate to contact me for more details. I don't know everything on Atahualpa or Cristóbal but perhaps I will be able to help. You can also see all pages dedicated to Yupanqui by clicking the image below.


The very first Atahualpa Yupanqui recordings are the 3 "Odeon Mangruyo" shellac records dated 1936 ("grabacion particular"). This special edition were financed by Yerba Nectar and includes the famous song "Camino del Indio" written by Atahualpa in 1926 (named "Caminito del indio" in the Mangruyo record nr 00001) . At this date, Atahualpa didn't have any contract with the Odeon label. He will signed a contract with Odeon Argentina and began his recordings with them in March 1941 ( serie 900). He also recorded 78RPM with RCA Victor Argentina from 1942 (6 songs on 25/sept/42, 4 on 22/Dec/42, 8 on 2/Sept/43 and 2 on 22/Nov/43).

The success will become international with his first trip in Europe: he arrived in Paris in August 1949, just a very short step before visiting Eastern countries in 1949-1950, and he finished his trip in Paris again in July 1950. Because he was member of the Communist Party, Atahualpa Yupanqui was censored in Argentina since 1948. He will leave the party in 1953 as he realized that he was utilized by them, this being notably commented in his book "El Payador Perseguido". This explains the fact that his trip in Europe was mainly in Eastern Communist countries. Back in Paris in 1950 and before coming back to Argentina, he met Edith Piaf who proposed him a concert with her at théatre Athénée which took place on July 7, 1950. Following this memorable concert, Atahualpa will record his first 78RPMs with Boite à Musique (BAM) and Chant du Monde.

He also made later several trips in Japan (1964-66-67) and a lot of records will be re-edited by Odeon and RCA in this country. The sole recording made in Japan is the Crown ref LW-5186. Back in Europe from 1968, 18 years after his first visit, he worked again with Le Chant du Monde, making great recordings with the famous collection "Le Nouveau Chansonnier International" from 1968 to 1979. He will then also record for various labels as Microfon Argentina in the 80's. During his second trip in Europe from 1968, he decided to stay most of his time in Paris and lived firstly in a hotel, then in a flat located in the 14th district (firstly rue Cassini then Rue Raymond Losserand until his death in 1992).

From the 80's, Atahualpa Yupanqui songs will be re-recorded or re-masterized on CDs (Emi-Odeon, RCA/BMG, Chant du Monde, Microfon, Sony....and various labels). There is not any logical order in my CD pages which contain 10 CDs each...

Apart from his records and CDs, Atahualpa Yupanqui will write some books from 1941 : poems, autobiography (El Canto del Viento, a major work, is far from being a simple biography). He will play in some movies notably "Horizontes de Piedra" made from his book "Cerro Bayo". Several books will be dedicated to Don Ata, and he will receive a lot of awards. I finally add some concert pictures.

Please fell free to send me any comments (there are probably some mistakes on my pages) or additional information, notably about eventual missing records, or just say hello. On my side, I'll be happy to help if you're searching some information.

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